As the Lord envisions us to live with Him after our sojourn on earth, He left instructions and guideposts to aid us in our journey. First, He qualified us by making us children of God by virtue of our Baptism and ransomed by His Son Jesus Christ from slavery to sin. Second, He gave us the free will to choose to be with Him or reject Him. It is up to us to respond to His invitation to join Him in His kingdom.

We are urged to “offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God” (Roman 12:1-2). To please God, we have to strive for holiness and be obedient to His will, following the examples of Jesus. To live a holy life, we accept Jesus as our Savior. When we become holy, the Holy Spirit dwells in us and fills us with His holiness.

We should be conscious of our duty as children of God saint, fulfilling this duty through a daily struggle to live the interior life of holiness and do the works of God.

Those who obey God’s commandments, truly love Him and they will be loved by the Father and Jesus in return. Let us be obedient to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit that we abound in good works and give glory to God. As obedient children, we have to give up our sinful ways and live a holy and blameless life. We have to be humble before Him and confess our sins. He will be faithful in forgiving us and providing us the grace to persevere until we receive the reward promised to His elect.

To please God we should use whatever talents and gifts He gave us to serve others. Whatever we do, we should do in charity and for the good of our brethren. We should always be ready to serve God and His Church. Being part of the Body of Christ, we should have fellowship with other Christians and sanctify one another.

As believers, we need to live our lives separate from the world. We do not conform to the ways of the world but those of the Lord’s.  We do not follow man-made laws that are evil. We have to detach ourselves from the world’s goods, power and fame.

The one who pleases God is the person who has established a relationship with God, as child to the Father, as sister to Brother Jesus, as spouse to the Holy Spirit. The child of God struggles to become fruitful, no longer following his sinful nature. We cannot do it alone. We must remain with Christ, draw closer to Him, love Him and carry His cross patiently.

We must also grow in knowledge. We continually seek to know God more in order to love Him better and give Him all the attention He deserves in faith, worship and truth. They seek a relationship with Him, have an intimate communication with Him and maintain a closeness of the lover and the beloved.

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