Gratefulness makes sure that there is light at the end of every dark tunnel of struggles. It fuels hope in a sense that it is the foundation of believing that you are going to make it through. And no, this is not false hope, for gratefulness is the art of appreciating what is already there. Somehow it gives us a form of security that even if we may lose some things, we had those things in times that we needed it before, and knowing that and seeing that can make one feel hope and appreciation for all the other things that are present as of now.

Getting through the difficulties in life is a matter of perspective and in here comes the beauty of being grateful for what has stayed and what will come as to what has left but was still part of your past, which have led you to this wisdom of appreciating and learning to live with what you have.

After all, what are hard times but times of learning, feeling, and knowing? There will be pain, but it will let you know that you are alive, living, and not dulled out of feelings. There will be questions, but those questions will show you that you have purpose. There will be struggles, but those struggles will make you stronger every step of the way.

You may never have been so much more grateful than that when you are reading this in times of struggle, than that in times of glee and pleasure.

Being truly grateful is not just about saying, seeing, and knowing, it is more about feeling more complete because of a thing, an event, a person, a privilege. It takes practice, and sometimes as you still begin the practice, you will feel as if it is not getting you anywhere, but continue on until you feel like you have run out of something to be grateful for, only to see that there is still more.

Gratefulness in a sense feels like love. Love that comes from you and that resonates and comes back manifold from everywhere else, from everyone else. You can start by being privileged enough to be reading this. Close your eyes and visualize from the center of your chest a warm loving light that glows warmer and brighter every time you say “thank you for ‘insert what you are grateful for here’.”

Be grateful as well for the people who stayed with you amidst the struggles that you are going through. Be personally grateful to them and be as sincere as possible, for they have stayed and this is something that one must truly be grateful for. Know that gratitude begets more gratitude and the more grateful that you are, then you know that the more that is that you have, and the more it is that you can get through the struggles in life because you know that you have so much to be grateful for.

You have so much to be grateful for. Know these, and you will have a brighter tunnel through the struggles of life that they soon too will seem to not struggle at all, but lessons that make you and keeps you stronger.

Live with gratitude.

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