Is it possible for a family to work hand in hand with careers in the care process of a patient? The answer is “Yes”. It is indeed possible.

There is a big difference when a family is involved in the care of their loved ones. Nowadays, the family is considered as a partner in the care process of a patient. They can collaborate with clinicians and careers to best meet the patient’s needs. Studies show that when a family is involved in the care process, the patient’s care plan is usually executed smoothly and the healing process is greatly improved.

For most patients, their family is usually a source of encouragement and support. Utmost care and love are given unconditionally whenever the family is involved in caring for an ill patient. Benefits can be derived when the family engages with physicians and caregivers. Family and caregiver involvement have the potential to vastly improve patient care. A family acts as an effective patient support system through reinforcing care and treatment plans. Great improvements from nutrition, emotional support, paint management and smooth transition to discharge have been seen and observed when the family participates in the care process.

Family members are considered as critical partners in the care plan of a patient at home or in a hospital. Family involvement also prepares family members for aftercare of the patient at home following discharge. This involvement in patient care is actually a burden to the family. They sacrifice some things when they take care of a sick family member. Their lives are put on hold so they can focus on someone who needs their care and attention. Their efforts should be recognized and must be channeled in the best way possible.

Today, it is very common and highly recommended that a family must be considered as a full-fledged partner in every healthcare system to ensure that everything has been done to enhance safety and quality outcomes. It has been observed that patient and family-centered care process has achieved a significant progress becoming it a significant and instrumental agent for development and change in the healthcare system. When the family is involved in the care process, patient care is improved and clinicians and careers can now rely on the family as a trusted and dependable partner. A family can become an integral part of the healthcare team.

Learning to work with the patient’s family as partner in the healing process is neither easy nor intuitive. It involves a great deal of understanding, cooperation, and patience. There are significant changes along the way. Changes in the healthcare system require a new way of thinking since family preferences are now involved.

A true partnership involves more than just basic information. Clinicians and careers must be willing to seek and respect information and input from the family regarding issues both broad and specific. This can be considered as a learning process for those involved in the care process.

Learning to listen to and trust the family with patient-care program require a significant adjustment for all those who are involved. Overall, one thing that must be above everything is the goal to deliver utmost and satisfactory care for the patient’s overall well-being.

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