A healthy lifestyle is important in realizing our goals in life. Staying in good health is a must for us to be able to meet the demands of work. We invest in a healthy regimen and lifestyle supplements to keep our bodies fit. Healthy living means a work-life balance. It includes eating healthy, having emotional and spiritual wellness, smart work ethics, and active social and sports life.

Healthy living requires temperance and freedom from excesses. We should not gobble food like gluttons do. We eat healthily and not excessively. We keep our fitness regime comfortable and not straining. We do not overspend on bodily fitness programs if simple walking and doing will do. We do not overwork ourselves and deny ourselves rest and recreation. Everything should be balanced.

We should take light of things and do not burden ourselves with anxieties and perplexities. Let us enjoy and have fun with any activity that we pursue, be it working, exercising, cooking or eating meals. We should adopt strategies in avoiding or coping with stress. We must give ourselves the luxury of a good sleep, quiet and stillness. This will always reward us with good mood, clear thinking, and stamina.

Taking good care of one’s self, body, and soul, when still young will reap benefits in later living. Most of all, living peaceably with others lets us enjoy a truly good life. If we are put right with God and have healthy relationships with other people, God will prosper us and let us enjoy the fullness of life.

To have healthy relationships, we must first work on our humility. We must not esteem ourselves better than others but rather esteem others better than ourselves. In loving ourselves, we will know and understand better the situation of others. When we build others up, we also build ourselves with them. This means making ourselves holistically healthy.

Our physical bodies will suffer if we have not overcome our sinful habits. It takes willpower to deny ourselves attachments of any kind that would lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. A holy soul equals a healthy body. We need food for our bodies as well as for our souls. We feed our bodies with healthy food. We feed our souls with spiritual food. Our spiritual food is the Word of God. We give our souls food so as not to starve spiritually.

When our bodies are afflicted, our souls are also afflicted. Both need healing. As our bodies need nutrients and medicines; our souls need forgiveness and healing. Both live for the other. When the body goes through illness, suffering, and pain, the soul goes through purification and refining. We are made whole bodily and spiritually and become new persons. We embrace new ways of living, according to the will and pleasure of God. If we pamper our bodies only and not our souls, we can never achieve perfection. Let us, therefore, care for both body and soul. Let us do things now for a future good.

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