Proper nutrition is the key to living healthy and quality lives. When we have good nutrition combined with exercise, it helps us maintain overall good health. By eating nutritious foods, we give our body the right nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Today we are challenged with food choices because of the proliferation of fast foods, junk foods, instant foods, and ready-to-eat meals or processed foods, which often, may be unhealthy due to high trans fat, sugar or salt. These contribute, undeniably, to poor diet and poor nutrition. Poor nutrition leads to obesity and poses health risks, such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, hearts diseases, and cancer.

To counter these health hazards, we must adopt healthy eating habits. Deciding on healthy menus will provide the essential nutrients that we need. Make a chart of the foods that promote energy, growth, and well-being. Children must be told the importance of vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, beans and other food groups in providing the nutrients our body needs. Family members have to have healthy meals at home to compensate for what is lacking from their consumption of processed foods outside. A meal schedule that is appropriately planned will motivate family members to look forward to family breakfasts and dinners. Everybody should be taught the importance of eating a healthy breakfast before going to school or work. Having breakfast will give us the energy to perform our functions well. Family dinners will give the members more bonding time and maintain open communication.

Eating healthy foods will help us live healthy and quality lives. We become energetic, mentally alert, and have a sturdy physique, as well as have protection from diseases. When we resort to a healthy diet, we expect increased activity. We can do things with more energy and concentration. We can have mental focus and clarity in thinking. By eating nutritious foods, we can prevent debilitating diseases and slow down aging. A balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins and fat will supply the nutrients our body needs and strengthen our immune system. Avoiding processed foods in our diet can help us maintain good health and make us feel and look good. Healthy and nutrient-rich foods improve well-being and prevent mental health issues.

In order for the family to enjoy meals, let the members invent healthy menus and have cooking sessions together. Even left-overs can be made tasteful and healthier with a touch of ingenuity. Children in their early ages can learn cooking lessons from adults. Let them know the importance of unprocessed foods and the benefits derived from them. Healthy cooking methods should also be taught, such as avoiding deep-frying and over boiling of vegetables, which take out the nutrients from the food. Help family members learn the habit of choosing healthy foods and adopt eating healthy habits. Not only do we adopt healthy eating habits but also have a habit of eating healthy portions, not too much or too little. Enjoy eating healthy and feeling, living and looking healthy.

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